Monday, 12 April 2010

Spoon feeding.

As a child, you are completely dependant on others. You can't feed yourself, clean yourself, communicate or even move fully at really young. As you grow older, you learn (or so that is the theory). You stop becoming so dependant on others. You can physically put the food in your mouth, but still need to be given it in the first place. Eventually you learn to 'put the food on the table' for yourself. (Admittedly, some take a lot longer to learn than others), but the point is, that the majority of people get to that stage eventually. It is beyond me how people that are 'independent' in all of the above skills, are still 'spoon fed' in other aspects of life. Were they not taught the other life skills as a child? Or perhaps, they felt that dressing and feeding them selves and maintaining a socially acceptable level of personal hygiene is enough from them, and the rest should be handed to them.
Incompetence. Ineptitude. Severely lacking. I wouldn't mind if people physically couldn't do something, but it's just sheer laziness! I utterly can not stand people that expect everything done for them.
In case you hadn't realised, I am sick of holding peoples hand and dragging dead weight. If you're not going to help yourself, how can you expect anyone else to help you!?

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