Friday, 9 April 2010

Now why did I do that?

My philosophy for life is; Why live close to the edge, when you can jump off?
As soon as I said it, everybody took it the wrong way. I find it funny that people 'jump' to conclusions without thinking about all of the other possibilities. Or perhaps, I just over analyse things? Life would be so much easer if everybody was on the same wavelength, but easy doesn't make for interesting. In my opinion, easy is boring. Where's the fun if there's no challenge? Another philosophy I live by would be; If something is worth having, it's worth working for.
Back to my first philosophy. I'm one of those people that jump in, two feet, at the deep end. Okay, so it doesn't always work out too well, but I haven't drown as of yet. What is the point of dipping in your toes and testing the water? It just gives the people in the pool false hope that you might get in too. As for getting in slowly, what if the water is warmer on the surface, but as you get further in, it gets colder, and you can't get back out? And you'll get nowhere in life if you steer clear of the pool all together. So I think that the best option IS to jump in, that way you know how all of the pool feels straight away, and you also get the adrenalin rush. But remember, take your armbands.

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