Monday, 5 April 2010

Is it over by there?

Where as all of my friends seem to be looking for love, some successfully, others, not so much, I seem to be pushing away the people I love and all those that hold potential. At least, that's what I'm told.
As this is the case, I'm not sure I know how to act. Surely opening up to people to allow them to be closer will make me vulnerable, rather like letting down my defence. On the other hand, keeping on like this will ultimately leave me with nothing. Which once again posses the question, 'What am I doing that is so socially blocking?'. I'm smiling and nodding, umming and ahhing at all the right points, getting by on auto pilot. So why is it that he thinks 'getting by' isn't enough? I may not be happy, but I'm content. If it's okay with me, shouldn't it be okay with him? Maybe the more pressing question should be, 'Why is it that his opinion bothers me so much?' It's apparent that his opinion means more to me than i first realised. Knob.

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